Help us raise the standard of care for pets, humans and the environment.

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To raise the standard of care for humans and pets by innovating healthcare delivery models that provide equitable access to marginalized urban populations — while fostering environmental sustainability.


Celebrating a sustainable world where all people, and animals enjoy the benefits of equitable access to adequate healthcare. 


Our core values encompass impactful innovation, conscious consumerism, collaborative care, equitable access, and economic impact — fostering the delivery of family-centered wellness programming, community-based health services, and animal welfare.
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Who we are

Project Pet is a mission-driven employment social enterprise, applying restorative justice and One Health principles — to the healthcare and wellness economies for the benefit of urban households. 

We are innovation agents

working closely with established local organizations and community stakeholders to enhance health and well-being outcomes and results for all living beings. 

What We Do

We employ value-driven people, smart technologies, environmentally safe products, progressive and innovative programs, and services — and community development strategies to achieve data-driven outcomes and results.

We establish partnerships with social service

providers, government agencies, industry stakeholders, as well as businesses of varying sizes and types — all of which share our overarching mission and core values. 

We are empowering underserved communities

by fostering a stronger connection between humans and the animals with which they share the planet.

We bridge existing service gaps to enhance

outcomes and results for individuals in need of a more comprehensive standard of care — by seamlessly integrating our programs, services and products into established social ecosystems.

Restoring our community through ...


Micro Clinics – Innovating micro clinics to provide wrap-around services for pets and people.


Environmentally friendly – We design and develop merchandise and products that align with our mission and core values— to ensure our programs and services deliver impact and support a sustainable environment. 



Dog Training – Project Pet teaches mental health and wellness principles through the human-animal bond and psychology curriculum — designed for urban communities.

The Bay Area One Health Coalition is a collaborative alliance of community-based organizations, non-profits, startups,  government, and private partners dedicated to improving health, wellness, and access to care in urban neighborhoods.

The One Health approach harmonizes the well-being of people, animals, and ecosystems, recognizing our interdependence.
Join us in drawing a straight line between our social/restorative justice environment, the 2 million people under incarceration in the United States, and nearly 2 million shelter animals euthanized by shelters each year.  We are NOT killing rich people’s animals.

“AlignCare helps bonded family’s path to healthy households become moresustainable. Combining social services with veterinary care saves health providers and their clients money and time and creates more viable wellness outcomes where our neighborhoods need it most.”

– Marshall Williams

Community Funded + Total Family Support + Veterinary Service Aligned


Humane and Ethical Pet Parenting


Mental Health Access


Housing Insecurity


Anti Addicition


Anti Caging


Prison Reform

Our Partners


Funded in part by

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Approximate number of dogs
Millennials and Generation Z are the largest demographic of pet owners in the US and we are half-ethnic
Total pet industry sales

2 Million

Approximate number of people under incarceration in the US yearly

Approximate number of shelter animals euthanized yearly

Homeless each year

Source: HUD

of adolescents in community-based substance use disorder treatment programs also meet diagnostic criteria for another mental illness.

“Shifting business practices to be more environmentally friendly can be expensive, at least in up-front costs…”  -PBS

We earn revenue from the sale of goods, services, and products produced by employees overcoming barriers to work.   

For every 100k in sales, we get closer to our environmental sustainability pledge.

Help us get to our first $1M in sales.
✓ Ethical Supply Chain
✓ Omni Sustainable
✓ Restorative Justice Aligned

What People Are Saying

The importance of Project Pet to Alameda County and our unhoused and medically fragile population is difficult to put into words.  For some, their pet is not only a companion, they are family, safety, and what is to survive in a world that is often scary, lonely, and threatening. We are proud to partner with Pet Project and support their work wholeheartedly.

Sabrina Fuentes
Case Manager/MAT Navigator
HIV Education & Prevention Project of Alameda County

Since 2020 after returning home from prison for 35 years,  I have enjoyed working directly with Project Pet to provide ways to keep the pets inside our communities with the people who love them. I have personally used the products and services they provide to make my life with “Bully” more healthy and enjoyable.  Project Pet found a way to accommodate my busy lifestyle and make sure I received the level of service required to stay on the path to returning home successfully. 

Damon Shuja Johnson
Executive Director
Black Men Speak

Project Pet is laying the groundwork for programs that have the potential to create a new model for connecting vulnerable people with much-needed companionship and mental health services that can be broadly replicated. I am incredibly excited for OAS to play a role in supporting their vision. 

Ann Dunn
Oakland Animal Services

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