Support chill vibes in puppies and dogs large and small.
We serve 100% organic, vegan, superfoods that nurture healthy vibes by supporting your dog’s naturally relaxed state. Stress & Anxiety were in mind when we blended these aids designed to assist your dog with accommodating comfortably to situations that would cause nervous behavior. Separation anxiety, extended boarding stays, fireworks are all managed easily with all-natural ingredients designed with a pet in mind.

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Nutritional Guide
Know The Facts

Superfoods Are Real

“Superfood” is defined as a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being. These foods are not only awesome for you but great for your pets.

Our Superfood Ingredient List

Organic Chamomile
This herb helps to keep a calm, stressless state.
Additional all-natural calming support
Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
Interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system to help regulate mood, inflammation, skin irritations, and naturally occurring aging issues.

Other Natural Ingredients

Organic Peanut butter…………………<10mg
Organic Apples…………………<10mg
Organic Brown Rice Flour…………………<10mg
Organic Molasses…………………<10mg
Organic Coconut Oil…………………<15mg

Treat Chart
For Right Size Dosage

Administer 1 Treat Per 20 lbs Of Body Weight

FROM 0 - 20 LBS
FROM 20 - 40 LBS
FROM 40 - 60 LBS
A properly socialized pet is an awesome experience for an owner. We assist you in keeping your pet active and able to exemplify a proper social experience in the real world.

We use All Natural Simple ingredients 0.3% THC or Less

We use All Natural Simple ingredients like Peanut Butter + Apples + Brown Rice Flour + Coconut Oil + Molasses and HEMP in our kitchens
for your pets”

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Choose Your
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Don’t Stress AND
Don’t Guess

“ Take our 3 min digital quiz to find which one of our products is right for your pet. Don’t worry we can email you the results.”

Where we stand out

Black-owned / Family Operated / Mission-Driven

Project Pet is a Black-owned, family-operated pet company based in Oakland, California. Our products help break stereotypes for security and working breed dogs and improve access to all-natural pet nutritional supplements and education in urban communities.

Ethically Sourced Organic Ingredients

Our products are ethically sourced from 100% natural ingredients, are Non-GMO, and contain no gluten or dairy.

Scientifically Tested and Approved

Each treat that leaves our kitchen has been formulated from scientifically tested compounds that are approved to be safe for consumption by humans and animals. Yes, we have a lot in common with our pets.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed - 30 Days No Questions Asked Return Policy

Send us the unused portion of your purchased product and we will refund your money without questions. Build trust with us, we are hassle-free.


Project Pet is focused on delivering pet supplements that assist in training, socialization, and addressing wellness elements for a healthy lifestyle. Our products assist your regular training routine in adapting your pet to the exciting outside world. We created Project Pet to keep your pet well socialized, out of a cage, and living a happy and healthy life.
Simply put, it depends on your dog’s diet, breed, age, lifestyle, and more. Our soft chews have been specifically formulated to supplement your dog’s daily diet with the most beneficial, effective ingredients that they may not receive in their food, or may need in addition to their regular diet.
Our training aids should be used as part of your general wellness schedule to keep your pet living its best life. Think of us when you run across inflammation responses, skin, immune, and joint issues in your pet ownership experience.

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